4.9.3 - Refined Orientation Parameters - JdlRefinedOrientationParameters

John W. Campbell Introduction

This class stores the results of a crystal orientation refinement for use in conjunction with the JdlRefineOrientation class. All the parameters are available as public fields. If any of the parameters were not refined, their starting values will be given.

Class, fields, constructor and methods:

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Class definition:
public class JdlRefinedOrientationParameters
none Accessible Fields

The following accessible fields have been defined:

public double[] phis
Refined missetting angles (phis).
public double x_cen
Refined image x-centre position in rasters.
public double y_cen
Refined image y-centre position in rasters.
public double ctod
Refined crystal to detector distance in mm
public double[] cell
Refined cell parameters in Angstroms and degrees.
public double fmin_before
'fmin' at start of refinement (0.0 if not set) (weighted rms error)
public double fmin_after
'fmin' after the refinement (0.0 if not set) (weighted rms error) Constructor Introduction

A single constructor creates an object with initialised values.


Constructor Constructor

This constructs creates a JdlRefinedOrientationParameters object with initialised values. All these values will need to be set individually.

Constructor Definition:
public JdlRefinedOrientationParameters()
Parameters List:
none Methods Introduction

A single method to list the contents.


List Contents - listContents List Contents - listContents

List the contents of the object.

Method Definition:
public void listContents(String str)
Parameters List:
A string to identify the object on the listing - may be null or blank if not required.

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