2 - The JdlLib Java Class Documentation

John W. Campbell

2.1 Introduction

This section of the Java Development Library consists mainly of classes which are used in support of the higher level calsses in the other sections of the library. A set of class methods for various low level utility functions, JdlUtils, is included. It also contains classes used in document processing by the DocExtractor program. The classes are classified into various sections below.

List of sections:

Utility Classes
String Handling Classes
File Handling Classes
Type Wrapper Classes
Document Processing Classes
Icon and Cursor Classes
FFT Class
Refinement Classes
Bits Field Reading Section
Save/Restore Image Section

2.2 Utility Classes

2.2.1 Introduction

List of subsections in this section:

Utility Methods
Error Return Data
Printer Graphics Context

2.2.2 Utility Methods

The JdlUtils object provides a series of utility methods used in the rest of the JDL package. They may be classified in a number of sections as follows:

Document Link: Utility Methods - JdlUtils

2.2.3 Error Return Data

The JdlError class may be used to return error information from methods and is used widely in the JDL package.

Document Link: Error Return Object - JdlError

2.2.4 Printer Graphics Context

The JdlPrinterGraphics class has a single class method to determine the Java.awt Graphics class for a printer for determining rendering sizes etc. in order, for example, to determine scaling prior to setting up a printer job.

Document Link: Printer Graphics - JdlPrinterGraphics

2.3 String Handling Classes

2.3.1 Introduction

This section contains methods for parsing string data, searching a string list for a match, finding string bounds and preparing for output of string based text.

List of subsections in this section:

Parse a Line
List of Strings
Size of Strings
String Writer Interface
Line Wrapping

2.3.2 Parse a Line

The JdlLineParser class is used to parse fields or items from a line of text. The fields may be returned as strings or may be interpreted.

Document Link: Line Parser - JdlLineParser

2.3.3 List of Strings

The JdlStringList class stores an array of strings to be searched for a match for a given string.

Document Link: String List - JdlStringList

2.3.4 Size of Strings

The JdlSizeofStrings class finds the maximum bounds for given sets of strings and fonts.

Document Link: Size of Strings - JdlSizeofStrings

2.3.5 String Writer Interface

The JdlStringWriter interface may be used by objects to output data, within a given width, from a String which may be split into words.

Document Link: String Writer Interface - JdlStringWriter

2.3.6 Line Wrapping

The JdlLineWrapper class accumulates strings and prepares a set of output strings where the input text has been split into lines within a given line width.

Document Link: Line Wrapper - JdlLineWrapper

2.4 File Handling Classes

2.4.1 Introduction

This section provides classes to provide access to a File Chooser and to enable logical file repositioning for a file accessed across the Web and to enable the setting up of logical file paths for use with applets.

List of subsections in this section:

File Chooser
File Type Filter
Positionable File
Logical File Paths

2.4.2 File Chooser

The JdlFileChooser class provides a file chooser dialogue window object with basic 'Open' or 'Save' functions.

Document Link: File Chooser - JdlFileChooser

2.4.3 File Type Filter

The JdlExtFilter class provides a File Filter based on the file extension.

Document Link: File Extension Filter - JdlExtFilter

2.4.4 Positionable File

The JdlPositionableFile class provides a positionable file stream using re-opens and skips as needed. The filename may refer to a local file or may be a URL.

Document Link: Positionable File - JdlPositionableFile

2.4.5 Logical File Paths

The JdlLogicalFilePaths class provides a mechanism to set up logical names to point to directories. It is intended to assist with the input or output of files for applets where the standard Java based file chooser cannot be used because of security restrictions.

Document Link: Logical File Paths - JdlLogicalFilePaths

2.5 Type Wrapper Classes

2.5.1 Introduction

This section contains classes to store simple data types which may be used, for example to return data from methods. The data types include the standard Java types, simple vector and matrix types and a circle parameters type. Some of the classes have methods to carry out additional functions on the data type. The values are accessible as public fields.

List of subsections in this section:

Boolean Wrapper
Integer Wrapper
Float Wrapper
Double Wrapper
Two Integer Wrapper
RMS value
3x3 Matrix
4x4 Matrix
Chebyshev Polynomial

2.5.2 Boolean Wrapper

The JdlBoolean class stores a boolean variable.

Document Link: A Boolean Object - JdlBoolean

2.5.3 Integer Wrapper

The JdlInteger class stores an integer variable and also has methods to set, clear and test a bit within that integer.

Document Link: An Integer Object - JdlInt

2.5.4 Float Wrapper

The JdlFloat class stores a float variable.

Document Link: A Float Object - JdlFloat

2.5.5 Double Wrapper

The JdlDouble class stores a double variable.

Document Link: A Double Object - JdlDouble

2.5.6 Two Integer Wrapper

Document Link: A Value Pair Object - JdlXY

2.5.7 RMS value

The JdlXY class stores a pair of integer values. The JdlRMS class stores an RMS value and the number of observations used in its calculation.

Document Link: An RMS value - JdlRMS

2.5.8 Vector

The JdlVec class stores a 3 element vector with methods to find a unit vector and transfer the data between several forms.

Document Link: A Vector - JdlVec

2.5.9 3x3 Matrix

The Jdl3X3 class stores a 3x3 matrix with methods to find the determinant and inverse matrices (see also the JdlUtils class) and transfer the data between several forms.

Document Link: A 3x3 Matrix - Jdl3x3

2.5.10 4x4 Matrix

The Jdl4x4 class stores a 4x4 matrix with methods to find the determinant and inverse matrices and transfer the data between several forms.

Document Link: A 4x4 Matrix - Jdl4x4

2.5.11 Circle

The JdlCircle class stores the position centre and radius of a circle.

Document Link: A Circle Object - JdlCircle

2.5.12 Chebyshev Polynomial

The JdlChebyshevPolynomial stores the data for a Chebyshev polynomial. It has a method to evaluate the polynomial at a requested point.

Document Link: Chebyshev Polynomial - JdlChebyshevPolynomial

2.6 Document Processing Classes

2.6.1 Introduction

This section has methods for use in document processing. These were written for use with the DocExtractor program.

List of subsections in this section:

Document Preparation
Document Structure
Selective XML Parsing
XML Token String

2.6.2 Document Preparation

The JdlDocument class enables a specific type of document processing to produce documents of a consistent style primarily for the Web. The documents are processed from one of two sources either a simply structured document in a format derived for use with this class, called pre-xhtml format or a specially marked up version of a Java source code file.

Document Link: Document Preparation - JdlDocument

2.6.3 Document Structure

The JdlDocObject class is used to store a document in structured (tree) form based on XML type element nodes. It is used by the JdlDocument class.

Document Link: Document Object - JdlDocObject

2.6.4 Selective XML Parsing

The JdlSelectiveXMLParser class enables a selective parsing of XML type data. It was designed to be used in the JdlDocument object to enable selective parsing of documents which contain a mixture of special tags and XHTML tags. It could be useful in parsing other XML like data which perhaps has no associated DTD.

Document Link: Selective XML Parser - JdlSelectiveXMLParser

2.6.5 XML Token String

Document Link: XML Token string - JdlXMLTokenString

2.7 Icon and Cursor Classes

2.7.1 Introduction

The JdlXMLTokenString class is used to store a token string (+ lead string) from an XML file This section contains classes to return some icons and cursors used by the JDL package (in particular JdlView).

List of subsections in this section:

Standard Icons
Dialogue Icons

2.7.2 Standard Icons

The JdlStandardIcons class return icons for the mouse. help and printer and cross-hair cursors.

Document Link: Standard Icons - JdlStandardIcons

2.7.3 Dialogue Icons

The JdlDialogIcons class returns the icons used in the JdlView pop-up dialogues for errors, warnings, information and queries.

Document Link: Dialogue Icons - JdlDialogIcons

2.8 FFT Class

2.8.1 Introduction

This section has a single class for computing one dimensional Fast Fourier Transforms.

List of subsections in this section:

One Dimensional FFT

2.8.2 One Dimensional FFT

The JdlFFT class has methods for computing real and complex one dimensional Fast Fourier Transforms for a set of points which is a power of two in length.

Document Link: One Dimensional FFTs - JdlFFT

2.9 Refinement Classes

2.9.1 Introduction

This section contains a class for carrying out a non-linear least squares refinement procedure and an interface to be implemented in classes which use that procedure.

List of subsections in this section:

Least Squares Refinement
Refineable Interface

2.9.2 Least Squares Refinement

The JdlLeastSquares class provides methods for a non-linear least squares refinement using a version of the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm. It is used in association with classes implementing the JdlLeastSquaresRefineable interface.

Document Link: Least Squares Refinement - JdlLeastSquares

2.9.3 Refineable Interface

The JdlLeastSquaresRefineable interface is used used in a non-linear least squares refinement procedure to return function values calculated from the current set of refineable parameter values.

Document Link: Least Squares Refineable - JdlLeastSquaresRefineable

2.10 Bits Field Reading Section

2.10.1 Introduction

This section contains a single class to read bits fields from a file.

List of subsections in this section:

Read Bits Field

2.10.2 Read Bits Field

The JdlBitsReader class enables bits fields to be read from a file in sequence.

Document Link: Bits Reader - JdlBitsReader

2.11 Save/Restore Image Section

2.11.1 Introduction

This section contains a single class to store and restore part of an image.

List of subsections in this section:

Image Section Save/Restore

2.11.2 Image Section Save/Restore

The JdlImageSection class stores and restores a section extracted from an image.

Document Link: Save/Restore Image Section - JdlImageSection

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