5 - The JdlKDM Java Class Documentation

John W. Campbell

5.1 Introduction

This section of the Java Development Library is concerned solely with the handling of keyworded data files such as that used in conjuction with the Protein Crystallographic 'Diffraction Data Module'.

List of sections:

Keyword Data Handling Classes
KDM Interfaces

5.2 Keyword Data Handling Classes

5.2.1 Introduction

List of subsections in this section:

Keyword Data Module
Parameter Type Data

5.2.2 Keyword Data Module

JdlKeywordDataModule is the main class for handling the keyworded data. It has methods for defining the keyworded parameters, for setting and getting parameter values, for reading and parsing keyworded data files and for writing keyworded data files.

Document Link: Keyword Data Module (KDM) - JdlKeywordDataModule

5.2.3 Parameter Type Data

JdlKDMParType.java is a class which enables details about the type of a parameter to be examined if required.

Document Link: KDM Parameter Type - JdlJdlKDMParType

5.3 KDM Interfaces

5.3.1 Introduction

List of subsections in this section:

Data Checker Interface
Update Checker Interface
Print Option Interface

5.3.2 Data Checker Interface

JdlKDMDataChecker is an interface for classes which are to be used to check KDM parameter data values.

Document Link: KDM Data Checker - JdlKDMDataChecker

5.3.3 Update Checker Interface

JdlKDMUpdateChecker is an interface to handle the special checking of KDM parameters to see if the requested updates are currently to be allowed by a program.

Document Link: KDM Update Checker - JdlKDMUpdateChecker

5.3.4 Print Option Interface

JdlKDMPrintOptions is an interface for classes which wish to choose which name is to be used when printing/outputting a KDM parameter with an alias name or a suffixed KDM parameter.

Document Link: KDM Print Options - JdlKDMPrintOptions

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