5.2.3 - KDM Parameter Type - JdlJdlKDMParType

John W. Campbell Introduction

This class is used hold details about a KDM parameter. An object of this class will be returned via the checkParsedParameter(..) method of the JdlKeywordDataModule class to enable details about the parameter type to be accessed if required. All the data items are accessible as public fields.

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public class JdlKDMParType
none Accessible Fields

The following accessible fields have been defined:

public String name
Parameter name (full name in upper case) - without suffix.
public int ipar
Position in the parameters list from 1 to the number of parameters currently defined.
public int type
The parameter type:
= 1, integer
= 2, set dependent integer parameter
= 3, subset dependent integer parameter
= 4, double
= 5, set dependent double parameter
= 6, subset dependent double parameter
= 7, string
= 8, set dependent string parameter
= 9, subset dependent string parameter
= 10, string (multiple token)
= 11, set dependent string parameter (multiple token)
= 12, subset dependent string parameter (multiple token)
= 13, variable length integer/double arrays
= 14, set dependent variable length integer/double arrays
= 15, subset dependent variable length integer/double arrays
public int nvals
Maximum number of integer/double values for the keyword.
public boolean alias
Parameter was found using alias name.
public boolean suffixed
Parameter is a suffixed parameter.
public int suffix
Parameter suffixed number appended (0 if none) - only relevant for suffixed parameters.

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