5.3.2 - KDM Data Checker - JdlKDMDataChecker

John W. Campbell Introduction

This is an interface for objects which can check parameter data values for the JdlKeywordDataModule object parameters.

Definition and methods:

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Class definition:
public interface JdlKDMDataChecker
none Accessible Fields

No fields with public, package or protected access defined. Methods Introduction

This interface has a single method to perform the check.


Check data value - check_value Check data value - check_value

This method checks the parameter data value.

Method Definition:
public boolean check_value(JdlKeywordDataModule kdm_obj, String parnam, int type)
Parameters List:
The JdlKeywordDataModule object to which the parameter belongs.
The parameter name.
The parameter type (1-15)
= 1, integer
= 2, set dependent integer parameter
= 3, subset dependent integer parameter
= 4, double
= 5, set dependent double parameter
= 6, subset dependent double parameter
= 7, string
= 8, set dependent string parameter
= 9, subset dependent string parameter
= 10, string (multiple token)
= 11, set dependent string parameter (multiple token)
= 12, subset dependent string parameter (multiple token)
= 13, variable length integer/double arrays
= 14, set dependent variable length integer/double arrays
= 15, subset dependent variable length integer/double arrays
The parameter value may be found using the getValueString(..), getIntegerValue(..), getDoubleValue(..) or getValue(..) methods. If an error is found, the JdlKeywordDataModule setCheckMessage(..) method should be called to set an appropriate error message.
Method Return:
Return true if the value is OK, otherwise return false.

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