4.6.2 - Image Reader Interface - JdlImageReader

John W. Campbell Introduction

An interface for objects which can read in an image from a file and store the data and related parameters as defined in a JdlImageData object

Interface and methods:

Class Details
Accessible Fields
Interface Methods Class Details

Class name:
Class definition:
public interface JdlImageReader
none Accessible Fields

No fields with public, package or protected access defined. Interface Methods Introduction

This section contains the methods which must be implemented for the interface.


Read image file - readImageFile Read image file - readImageFile

A method to read an X-ray diffraction image and return the data in a JdlImageData object. Apart from the background image related parameters which should be returned with their default values, all other parameters should be set as described in the documentation for that object; The parameters describing a section of the image for display should be set to cover the whole image.

Note: The method must also trap and File Security Exceptions and throw an IOException in their place e.g.
  catch (SecurityException e) 
     throw new IOException("Security Exception");

Method Definition:
public JdlImageData readImageFile(String filnam, JdlProgressHandler progress) throws MalformedURLException, FileNotFoundException, IOException
Parameters List:
The image file name. This may either be the name of a local file or a URL. If a URL cannot be handled, this should be stated in the documentation of the class.
JdlProgressHandler object to monitor file reading (Note: It may be passed as null if not required by the calling method and so method must cope with this possibility. It may be ignored if it is not possible to monitor the progress as required by a JdlProgressHandler implementing object; if so this should be stated in the documentation of the class)

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