4.10.4 - Find Setting Options - JdlFindSettingOptions

John W. Campbell Introduction

This class provides some user options for a JdlPXImage object enabling the user to search find a crystal setting for a known cell. Background image and spot finding options are inclu7ded. When the Find Setting user options are selected, a window is displayed which contains a menu, a parameter table and an I/O window.

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Class definition:
public class JdlFindSettingOptions
An action event will be generated when the 'Close' menu item is selected. The associated object is the String object 'done'. Accessible Fields

No fields with public, package or protected access defined. Constructor Introduction

A single constructor is available.


Standard Constructor Standard Constructor

Constructs a JdlFindSettingOptions object with initialised parameter values. Note that the construction of the window and the handling of the calculations are done in the interface routines.

Constructor Definition:
public JdlFindSettingOptions()
Parameters List:
none Set Parameter Values Introduction

This section has methods to set initial values for the parameters required in the calculations. These values may be reset (or input for the first time) via the parameter table which is displayed when the IPDISP user options are selected. The values may be set or reset at any stage and the parameter table, if already constructed, will have its values updated. If the centre parameters x_cen, y_cen have not been set when the IPDISP options window is first displayed, the image mid-point will be chosen.


Set file option - setFilenameInputOption
Set distance - setDistance
Set wavelength - setWavelength
Set rmax - setDetectorRmax
Set resolution - setResolution
Set mosaicity - setMosaicity
Set detector tilt - setDetectorTilt
Set xy limits - setDetectorXYLimits
Set rmin limits - setDetectorRminLimits
Set centre - setDetectorCentre
Set cell - setCell
Set symmetry - setSymmetry
Set Phi - setPhiOsc Set file option - setFilenameInputOption

This method sets the required default choice for file name input.

Method Definition:
public void setFilenameInputOption(boolean use_iow)
Parameters List:
If true or the file chooser is null (could not be created for security reasons), the file name is to be read from the i/o window; If false, use the file chooser unless it is null. Set distance - setDistance

Set the crystal to detector distance.

Method Definition:
public void setDistance (double ctod)
Parameters List:
The crystal to detector distance in mm. Set wavelength - setWavelength

Set the wavelength.

Method Definition:
public void setWavelength (double wave)
Parameters List:
The wavelength in Angstroms. Set rmax - setDetectorRmax

Set the detector 'rmax' limit.

Method Definition:
public void setDetectorRmax (double rmax)
Parameters List:
'rmax' limit in mm. Set resolution - setResolution

Set prediction resolution limit.

Method Definition:
public void setResolution (double resol)
Parameters List:
The resolution limit in Angstroms. Set mosaicity - setMosaicity

Set prediction mosaicity value.

Method Definition:
public void setMosaicity (double mosaic)
Parameters List:
The mosaic spread in degrees. Set detector tilt - setDetectorTilt

Set the detector tilt angle.

Method Definition:
public void setDetectorTilt (double dtilt)
Parameters List:
The detector tilt angle in degrees. Set xy limits - setDetectorXYLimits

Set the detector x and y limits.

Method Definition:
public void setDetectorXYLimits (double x_min, double x_max, double y_min, double y_max)
Parameters List:
Minimum 'x' limit in rasters (0.0 = image start).
Maximum 'x' limit in rasters (0.0 = image end).
Minimum 'y' limit in rasters (0.0 = image start).
Maximum 'y' limit in rasters (0.0 = image end). Set rmin limits - setDetectorRminLimits

Set the detector 'rmin' limits.

Method Definition:
public void setDetectorRminLimits (double rmin, double r_xcen, double r_ycen)
Parameters List:
'rmin' limit in mm.
Centre in 'x' for rmin limit in rasters.
Centre in 'y' for rmin limit in rasters. If r_xcen and r_ycen are both zero, then x_cen and y_cen will be used as the rmin circle centre. Set centre - setDetectorCentre

Set detector centre starting values.

Method Definition:
public void setDetectorCentre (double x_cen, double y_cen)
Parameters List:
The image x-centre position in pixel units.
The image y-centre position in pixel units. Set cell - setCell

Set the cell parameters.

Method Definition:
public void setCell(JdlCell cell)
Parameters List:
The cell parameters object. Set symmetry - setSymmetry

Set the symmetry.

Method Definition:
public void setSymmetry (String symstr)
Parameters List:
Symmetry; must be either the space group number or code or, for undefined symmetry, the string "undef". (Valid numbers/codes as currently defined in the JdlSymops class). Set Phi - setPhiOsc

Set rotation angle and oscillation angle.

Method Definition:
public void setPhiOsc (double phi, double osc)
Parameters List:
Rotation angle (ROTSTART and ROTEND will both be set to this value).
Oscillation angle.

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