3.7.12 - Address Entry Details - JdlAddressEntryDetails

John W. Campbell Introduction

This class stores address details for use within a JdlAddressEntry object. In the description of the fields the following symbols are used:

** Examples for first set details for a multiple persons entry.

## For an individual's entry (following a multiple individuals entry) any value(s) given will override those given in the first set of details which apply to the entry as a whole. (If null or blank, the entries from the first set of details will apply).

Class, fields, and methods:

Class Details
Accessible Fields
Test Entry Class Details

Class name:
Class definition:
public class JdlAddressEntryDetails
none Accessible Fields

The following accessible fields have been defined:

public String mail_header
Header for mailing label e.g.
Dr & Mrs D.M. Campbell **
or Mrs D. M. Campbell
public String letter_header
Header for a letter e.g.
John and Denise **
or Denise
public String tel_no
Landline telephone number(s) (csv) ##
public String mobile_no
Mobile phone number(s) (csv) ##
public boolean mobile_main
Main telephone is mobile (for listing):
= true, yes
= false, landline is main phone no.
public String email_address
Email address(es) (csv) ##
public String group_names
Names of additional groups ##
public String birth_date
Birth date dd/mm/yyyy (Will be ignored for the first set of details for a multiple individuals entry).
public String notes
Notes. Test Entry Introduction

A single method is available to test whether an address entry details object is empty i.e. no details have been set.


Is entry empty - isEmpty Is entry empty - isEmpty

See if the entry details are empty i.e. none have been set.

Method Definition:
public boolean isEmpty()
Parameters List:
Method Return:
true if all details entries are null/blank, else false.

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