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[ccp4bb] Fwd: Crystallography job opportunities at HarkerBio in Buffalo, NY

Hello community.

HarkerBIO is structural biology-focused biotechnology company based in Buffalo, NY with a close relationship to the renowned Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute.  We are rapidly growing and are seeking to quickly fill a few open crystallography/structural biology positions.  Please see the the job description below and submit your resume/CV along with a cover letter to careers@harkerbio.com.

thank you.

Scientist/Senior Scientist/Lead/Director: Structural Biology


An opportunity to participate in (or, if sufficiently qualified, lead) our structural biology team work. Bring your considerable experience in structure determination and analysis towards advancing client-focused and internal drug discovery and technology development efforts.


Responsibilities & Duties

1.       Lead from the lab: generate structures (protein, protein complexes, etc.) with hands-on involvement throughout the entire process from gene to structure and beyond.

2.       Collaborate, coordinate and enable: construct design, _expression_/purification trials, biochemistry and biophysics – collaboration in tightly matrixed environment is a must.

3.       Communicate: work in an integrated team together with project leads, senior staff, and Clients. Write detailed reports, lead teleconference and in-person meetings with Clients. Lead technical meetings and team meetings as appropriate with level.

4.       Innovate: proactively work on improvements of existing technologies, discovery of new tools and technologies, contribute to the internal Discovery projects.

5.       Grow & Train: advance your knowledge and repertoire of techniques. Learn orthogonal techniques from your Colleagues. Mentor and train others in the art and science of Structural Biology.

Essential Qualifications and Background

1.       Ph.D. in Structural Biology, Biochemistry, or other appropriate field.

2.       Expert in preparation and crystallization of proteins, protein assemblies, protein-small molecule complexes, etc. Membrane protein experience is a plus.

3.       Mastery of effective data collection at modern synchrotron facilities.

4.       Mastery of structure determination techniques and software.

5.       Multi-tasking and efficient time/effort management.

6.       Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

7.       Ideal candidate has 5+ years of hands-on gene-to-structure experience in a pharma/biotech setting. Other experience levels will be considered – level of responsibility will be scaled accordingly.


Additional Qualifications for Leadership level

1.       Strong leadership experience in matrixed team environment (2+ years leading a team in Pharma or Biotech).

2.       Demonstrated capacity to build, motivate, and manage a team of exceptional Structural Biologists.

3.       Proven ability to apply orthogonal techniques and knowledge towards solving Discovery challenges (having SPR, NMR, MS, cryoEM, Enzymology experience is highly advantageous).

4.       Experience initiating and managing multiple external collaborations.

5.       The ability to represent one’s company in discussions with Clients & Partners, good situational and business awareness, high level of presentation and discussion skills – the ability to present complex ideas and results in an elegant, concise, and effective manner is a must.

6.       Experience with the budgeting process, practical awareness and application of basic business accounting and cost control skills.

Eric Larson, PhD
HarkerBIO, L.L.C.
700 Ellicott Street,
Buffalo, NY 14203

Eric Larson, PhD
HarkerBIO, L.L.C.
700 Ellicott Street,
Buffalo, NY 14203