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[ccp4bb] Structural Biologist position at Morphic Therapeutic

Please apply directly through our website: https://morphictx.com/careers/opportunities/#research-scientist-in-structural-biology Morphic Therapeutic is seeking a highly skilled and motivated Research Scientist trained in the field of structural biology, biophysics and protein biochemistry. Join us in an exciting early stage well-funded start-up with strong venture and strategic funding, leading founder and advisors, and an experienced team ready to tackle the challenges of the integrin drug discovery. We are currently seeking a protein crystallographer to join our team working on the integrin family of proteins to do protein design, _expression_, purification and structure determination to enable the discovery of small molecule therapeutics. This position offers the right candidate a chance to work on state-of-the-art drug discovery science, in an environment where discoveries can be immediately translated to treatments for serious diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, fibrosis, and cancer. Primary responsibilities: Set up crystallization/optimization trials with state-of-art robotics Obtaining ligand-bound structures by soaking/co-crystallization, and performing structure refinement and analysis Structure determination with experimental phasing and molecular replacement Design and development of biochemical and biophysical assays to characterize molecular interactions Design, express, and purify novel integrin complexes using mammalian _expression_ systems Present results (written and oral) to internal and external audiences Required Qualifications and skills: PhD in Structural Biology, Biophysics, Biochemistry or a closely related field. Demonstrated expertise and track records in protein crystallization and X-ray crystallography Extensive knowledge and experience in protein _expression_, purification and characterization are required. Hands-on experience in mammalian _expression_ systems is highly preferred but not required. Experience with Schrödinger’s Drug Design Suite, structure-guided drug design, and bioinformatics is preferred. Deep knowledge of protein structure and function Excellent time management as well as oral and written communication skills. Ability to quickly and effectively operate, communicate and influence decision making within cross-functional and multi-disciplinary research team.