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[ccp4bb] Post-doc fellowship - studies of eukaryotic DNA replication

Dear all,


We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral research fellow to join our laboratory at Umeå University, Sweden. We are interested in structure-function studies of yeast DNA polymerase epsilon using a combination of x-ray crystallography, biochemistry and yeast genetics. In addition, we have access to a Titan Krios microscope which is located in our building.


Our primary aim is to understand how Pol epsilon synthesize DNA with a high fidelity, high processivity, is directed to the leading strand and cope with DNA lesions on the leading strand during DNA replication.


The fellowship is for two years, starting when agreed upon but we need your application by Feb 1st.


For further details and how to apply see:  http://www.umu.se/english/about-umu/news-events/grants/6-2166-17


We look forward to hearing from you.


Best wishes,


Erik Johansson


Web-page:  http://www.medchem.umu.se/english/research/principal-investigators/johansson/