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[ccp4bb] PhD studentship at the FHS Macau - William Chao Lab

PhD studentship in Biomedical Sciences


The laboratory of Dr William Chao is seeking a highly motivated PhD candidate to perform structural studies on key cell‐cycle protein complexes.


The laboratory focuses on using structural biology and recombinant systems to investigate crucial cell‐cycle mechanisms. Dr Chao has extensive experience in determining multi‐subunit protein complexes and nurtures a collaborative spirit in pursuing key biological questions.


The appointed student will participate in the research project of “Structural Studies of Cell‐Cycle Protein Complexes”. He/she will be given the opportunity to master state‐of‐the‐art techniques in protein complex reconstitution and structure determination as well as learning new techniques from collaborators’ laboratories.  


Applicants must hold a bachelor or master degree in relevant areas of natural sciences.  Previous experience in molecular biology and structural biology will be of advantage.


For further information, please contact William Chao @ williamchao@umac.mo and visit

https://fhs.umac.mo/staff/academic-staff/williamchao/ and https://williamchao.wixsite.com/williamchaolab


Normative Study Period

4 years.  


Tuition Fee and Post‐graduate Assistantship

The current Tuition Fee Scheme is credit‐based.  All full‐time PhD students in the Faculty receive post‐graduate assistantship of MOP12,500/month, which will be increased to MOP14,000/month after students passing the qualifying examination and thesis proposal assessment. For further information, please visit

Graduate School website - http://www.umac.mo/grs/en/admissions.php


The FHS Macau

The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at the University of Macau is a leading research and education institution in biomedical sciences.  The Faculty aims to tackle the fast‐evolving global health challenges through cutting‐edge research and by nurturing new talent in biomedical sciences. For further information, please visit

FHS website ‐ https://fhs.umac.mo/

University website ‐ http://www.umac.mo/



With over 300 years of cultural fusion between the East and the West, Macau is a glittering international city in the southern coast of China (1hr from Hong Kong). It is an ideal destination for those who wish to explore the Far East while enjoy the Mediterranean European culture. For further information, please visit