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[ccp4bb] JOB POSTING: Membrane protein structural biology in Cambridge, UK

Posted on behalf of Vassilis Koronakis:

Dear structural biologists,

We have an opportunity for a postdoctoral researcher in my lab in the School of Biological Sciences, Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge, UK. The successful applicant will continue our work on  bacterial multidrug resistance pumps, (e.g. see our recent PNAS paper (http://www.pnas.org/content/114/47/12572.full) and other medically important membrane machineries.

We're looking for someone with a PhD in structural biology/biochemistry/biophysics and experience in X-ray crystallography and/or cryoEM. Funds are available until August 2020 in the first instance.

Please contact vk103@cam.ac.uk with any informal enquiries. Full job description is here, along with details of how to apply through the University jobs portal:

Best wishes,

Vassilis Koronakis

Dr Vassilis Koronakis
Professor of Molecular Biology
Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator
University of Cambridge
Department of Pathology
Tennis Court Road Cambridge CB2 1QP