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[ccp4bb] PostDoc positions in Membrane Protein Structural Biology

Dear all,

We are looking for two highly motivated Post-Docs with a Ph.D. in Structural biology, Biophysics or related disciplines to work in the lab of David Drew at Stockholm University in Sweden. Our international team aims to dissect the molecular mechanisms of small molecule transport across membranes (see publication: http://www.annualreviews.org/doi/abs/10.1146/annurev-biochem-060815-014520). We look to employ NMR, cryo EM, X-ray crystallography and other biochemical and biophysical approaches to establish how medically-relevant ion and sugar transport proteins, central to cell homeostasis, function at the atomic level. 

The Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics has a strong background in membrane biology and we have an excellent cryo EM facility with both Titan Krios and screening microscopes. You should have a Ph.D. in Structural Biology or a related discipline with a strong publication record and a desire to work on challenging and multidisciplinary projects. Experience in protein _expression_, purification and cryo EM and/or X-ray crystallography is essential for the position. Positions are initially available for 2-years with a possibility of extension. 

To apply, please send an email to ddrew@dbb.su.se with a single pdf that includes your CV and publication record (max 2-pages).

Kind regards,

David Drew

Wallenberg Academy Fellow
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Stockholm University

Ph: +46-8-162295