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[ccp4bb] Senior Scientist (M/F) in Protein Crystallography at ZoBio

Dear community,


ZoBio is looking for a senior protein crystallographer (M/F) with experience in drug design. The ideal applicant has a demonstrable track record solving protein-ligand structures and has worked with medicinal chemists to interpret these results for drug discovery campaigns. The candidate should have a clear vision on how crystallography should be integrated into the wider small molecule drug discovery process and take the initiative to put this into practice.


ZoBio is a privately held, self-funded, successful and growing company that was spun out of Leiden University (Leiden, The Netherlands) in 2004. We are a contract research organization that offers research services in the field of small molecule drug discovery. We are also a leading innovator in developing an array of protein engineering and biophysical techniques to support hit-to-lead programs in the pharmaceutical industry. We are a dynamic, science driven team whose vision is to deliver the ultimate in value to our clients.


For further particulars and to apply for this post, please follow: http://www.zobio.com/senior-scientist-mf-in-protein-crystallography-fulltime/


Best regards,


Willem-Jan Waterreus