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[ccp4bb] job posting: Electron Microscopy IT Coordinator / Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School has an opening for an Electron Microscopy IT Coordinator.

Job Description: 

The Electron Microscopy IT Coordinator will be responsible for comprehensive support of all aspects of electron microscopy computations. The coordinator will:

The position will depend heavily on coordination with the SBGrid Team at Harvard Medical School, particularly for infrastructure design, software support, and development of best-practice recommendations. A strong team player who will collaborate to develop an efficient and productive computing infrastructure is essential.

Preferred Qualifications: PhD in Structural Biology, 2-3 years of research computing experience and at least 1 year of experience with electron microscopy. The successful candidate will have excellent organizational skills and proven project and/or program management skills. Excellent interpersonal and communications skills. Ability to work with discretion.

Technical qualifications: Understanding of python or other programming languages; understanding of structural biology applications (e.g. EMAN, Chimera, Relion, Frealign, or SPIDER) and structure determination/analysis workflows; strong knowledge of Linux and OSX operating systems.



For additional information or to apply, please contact SBGrid PI, Dr. Piotr Sliz at careers@sbgrid.org.