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[ccp4bb] Post-doc position at the University of Milan

Dear BB readers,

I am  currently looking for a motivated candidate for a 3-year Postdoctoral position in my lab at the Department of Bioscience, University of Milan. 

The contract should start in January 2018.

The project will be focusing on structural and biophysical studies of neuroserpin, a human protein forming pathologic polymers. The effects of 

glycosylation, of inhibitors and of mutations on polymer formation will be investigated both from the structural and biophysical point of view.

Strong background in structural biology, in protein _expression_ (prokaryotic and eukaryotic) and protein purification are necessary.

Experience in spectroscopic techniques and in protein aggregation (amyloid formation etc..) are very welcome.

Fluent English is required.

If you want to know more about the project do not hesitate to contact me

Any interested candidate should send a short CV (two pages max) and two references to 

this address



Stefano Ricagno

Stefano Ricagno, PhD

Associate Professor

Dept. of Bioscience

University of Milano

Via Celoria, 26. I-20133 Milano (Italy)

Tel. +39 02 5031 4914