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[ccp4bb] postdoctoral position - medicinal chemist

A Research Fellow position (postdoctoral) as a medicinal chemist is available at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), in the new interdisciplinary project “Targeting oxidative phosphorylation for the rational development of sterilizing drug combination for drug-resistant tuberculosis” funded by the National Research Foundation. The project is based at NTU encompassing the School of Biological Sciences, the Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry and the School of Medicine and involving both A*-Star and NUS (National University Singapore).

Your role will be interdisciplinary. You will develop computational models of key enzymes of mycobacterium using structural data from colleagues in Biology and use these models to, firstly, identify drug targets and, secondly, identify lead inhibitor structures. You will be involved in the synthesis and biological assay work of the compounds, as well as the design, synthesis and testing of further analogues. You will provide leadership and mentoring to students working on the project

Skills, Experience and Qualifications
You must have several years of experience as a Research Fellow in medicinal chemistry including structure-based drug design, pharmacophore modelling and organic synthesis. You will have skills in communication and leadership.

The position is available for November 1st, 2017.

Informal inquiries may be made to Associate Professor Rod Bates (Email: roderick@ntu.edu.sg; Phone: (65) 6316 8907).