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[ccp4bb] Staff Scientist (Research Associate) position available

Staff Scientist (Research Associate) available at Takagi laboratory
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Indiana University School of Medicine

I am a principle investigator (PI) looking for a staff scientist with “golden hands” to execute series of experiments related to our ongoing projects, some of which are in late stages of completion. I love working with fast-learning, results-driven scientists, who relish doing experiments. In addition, this staff scientist position will involve managing our DNA constructs database, as well as organizing our electronic experimental record files. Consequently, excellent organizational and record-keeping skills are essential.

Who We Are:
My lab is interested in understanding the mechanisms of assembly, structure and function of large multi-protein complexes -“molecular machines” - involved in eukaryotic gene regulation.  We are particularly interested in the Mediator complex in both yeast and humans.

We believe that development and implementation of novel technologies is the key to unlocking the mysteries of how highly complex molecular machines (e.g. Mediator) function. Therefore, our overall research goal is two-fold: (i) development of novel technologies for studying multi-protein complexes, and (ii) application of these technologies to elucidate the structure and function of the Mediator complex.  In addition, we have developed a novel technology for producing pure preparations of difficult-to-express proteins and protein complexes, which has enabled several exciting ongoing projects with outstanding collaborators working on: plant RNA polymerases, DNA helicases, DNA repair complexes, RNA editing complex, and insulator complex.

Our lab is dedicated to pushing forward the field of complex protein-engineering and structural biology, as we see this as fundamental to both a deeper understanding of biology and to future drug development for a range of diseases. We are looking for a highly motivated scientist who is inspired by the research projects underway in our lab, to perform key experiments to move these projects forward. 

Who Should Apply:
This position could be a great fit for you if:
• you are "brilliant at the bench" – you love doing experiments and have very good hands at the bench
• you are an organizational genius – it is critical because we deal with highly complex problems and techniques which require attention to detail and careful record-keeping and organization
• you love the challenge of working on highly complex and technically challenging molecular biology, protein biochemistry, and structural biology research problems
• you are inspired by the idea of working to move the exciting fields of complex protein-engineering and structural biology forward
• you are self-confident and can communicate with the PI, other lab members, and collaborators with ease, and enjoy discussing research results and how to overcome technical challenges

Who should NOT apply:
This position is NOT a good fit for you if:
• you don't enjoy communicating about the work you are doing, both verbally and in writing
• the specific research focus of our laboratory does not inspire your passion
• you don't like multi-tasking, and prefer to work only on a single project at a time
• you like to have frequent, daily input for motivation and guidance
• you find working on technically challenging problems, which often requires an extended persistent effort to crack, to be frustrating 
• you don't like focusing on fine details

Job Description, Qualification, and Expectations:
Primary activities in this position include, but are not limited to:

–Molecular biology for generation of recombinant baculoviruses 
–_expression_ and purification of the protein complexes for biochemical and structural studies (cyo-EM, crystallization)
–Biochemical assays to characterize the recombinant protein complexes.
– Contributing to technology development primarily focused on generation of our unique baculovirus _expression_ vector system. 
– Maintaining updated electronic notebooks and relevant databases.
– Working independently after initial training with minimum supervision
– Contributing to grant and manuscript writing, and presenting at scientific conferences.

Bachelor’s degree, or Master’s degree or Ph.D. in biochemistry, chemistry, biology, structural biology (X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM) or related scientific field required. For those with Bachelor’s degree only, active lab bench experience on a research project for at least one year is absolutely required.

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities:
Basic skills for molecular biology and biochemistry, particularly knowledge and skills related to protein _expression_. For PhD, skills for X-ray crystallography or/and cryo-EM will be a huge plus.

If interested, please email a cover letter, CV, and two reference letters to ytakagi@iu.edu

Yuichiro Takagi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Indiana University School of Medicine
635 Barnhill Drive, Medical Science Building 4003
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Office: (317) 274-2719