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[ccp4bb] PhD position at University of Oslo

Dear all, a PhD student position is now available at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, Norway. Please find the announcement attached. The project focuses on the implementation of neutron based methods in the study of a surface-active bacterial colonization factor and is supervised by Prof. Ute Krengel and Assoc. Prof. Reidar Lund. Application deadline is 1st of september.

Link to the position:



Kaare Bjerregaard-Andersen

Kaare Bjerregaard-Andersen, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Post-doctoral researcher
Ute Krengel group
Department of Chemistry
University of Oslo
P.O.Box 1137 Blindern
0318 Oslo, Norway

phone  +47 92553589
email kaarebj@kjemi.uio.no

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