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[ccp4bb] Wellcome Trust postdoctoral fellowships available at the University of Oxford

Dear all,

Posted on behalf of Peijun Zhang...


THREE Wellcome Trust funded postdoctoral fellowships are available in Peijun Zhang lab at the University of Oxford (https://www.ndm.ox.ac.uk/principal-investigators/researcher/peijun-zhang):


1) Structural mechanisms of HIV-1 restriction by capsid-sensing host proteins;

2) Correlative cryo super-resolution fluorescence microscopy and cryoET of HIV-1 and host interactions;

3) Structural mechanism of HIV-1 inhibition by SERINCs;


Zhang lab combines structural methodologies, in particular cryoEM and cryoET, with biochemistry and functional studies, in conjunction with molecular-dynamics simulations, to gain new insights into the mechanisms of HIV-1 inhibition by host cell factors. The Division of Structural Biology in Oxford has excellent facilities for molecular and cellular cryoEM/ET and state-of-the-art cryo-fluorescence microscopy and high performance computing. We are also closely connected to the UK national cryoEM center, eBIC at the Diamond Light Source (http://www.diamond.ac.uk/Science/Integrated-facilities/eBIC.html).


You must be highly motivated, hold a PhD in biophysics/structural biology or equivalent, and have a demonstrated track record in conducting high quality original research. Knowledge in cryoEM/ET and protein biochemistry, and experience in structural biology (posts 1&3), or live-cell fluorescence microscopy (posts 2&3) are essential.


Online applications are open (closing date: 07-Aug-2017)


Postdoctoral Research Fellow in HIV-host interactions



Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Correlative Microscopy



Postdoctoral Research Scientist  in STRUBI



For details, please contact Peijun Zhang at peijun@strubi.ox.ac.uk


Best wishes,



Peijun Zhang, PhD

Wellcome Trust Investigator

Division of Structural Biology

Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics

University of Oxford

Roosevelt Drive Oxford OX3 7BN, UK




eBIC Director,

Diamond Light Source, UK



Dr Tom Burnley, PhD
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The Research Complex At Harwell
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