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[ccp4bb] postdoc opportunities in cryo-EM and in vito reconstitution

Dear all,
We have two open postdoc fellowships in my group at Umeå University, Sweden. Each of the projects could be suitable for a person with background in X-ray crystallography and biochemistry eager to expand their methods scope to single particle cryo-EM and/or membrane reconstitution methods including high-end fluorescence microscopy.

Cryo-EM and reconstitution are the core methods of our lab, and we will thus be able to provide in-house training to motivated people with a different background. For each project we offer a two-year fellowship with possibility of extension. For details on the projects and how to apply, see below.

1. Cryo-EM (single particle and tomography) will be used to study the structures of virus particles as well as proteins involved in virus replication. This project will explore two extremes of cryo-EM: molecules previously considered too small for cryo-EM, and megadalton virus particles where the infection-critical features break the symmetry of the virus particle. The fellow will have ample access to Umeå's world-class cryo-EM facility UCEM.

2. Synthetic biology of virus genome replication. The fellow will use biophysical methods to reconstitute the assembly and RNA production of virus replication organelles on synthetic membrane mimetics (giant unilamellar vesicles and supported lipid bilayers). The assembly and activity of the synthetic systems will be studied using high-end fluorescence microscopy. Complementary methods may include live-cell fluorescence microscopy and cryo-EM on reconstituted systems.

Any questions, just ask. We look forward to hearing from you.


Lars-Anders Carlson
Assistant Professor
HFSP Career Development Awardee
Dept of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics
Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine
Umeå University
901 87 Umeå, Sweden