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[ccp4bb] Cryo-EM Research Scientist position at Imperial College London & MRC LMS

The MRC LMS & Imperial College is looking for a Cryo-EM research Scientist.


Your main role will be to manage the EM requirements of the institute. Electron microscopy has been identified as a key technology at the ICL/LMS to support investigation into epigenetic mechanisms, large molecular machines involved in DNA transactions and chromosome structure. You will support research groups in structurally characterising proteins using cryo-EM, particularly by single particle analysis. This is an ideal opportunity to apply cutting edge imaging technologies to investigate mechanisms in chromosome biology, to develop new technological capabilities and work together with leading research groups.

New EM capacity is currently being developed at the Institute, with a view to enhance and expand this significantly over the next few years. Currently, the LMS is equipped with a CM200 FEG transmission cryo-electron microscope, a fast Tietz 2k camera and a sample preparation suite including a Vitrobot Mark IV. Presently, access to high end microscopes is available through the national facility, an established collaboration with the LMB and the Wellcome Trust funded LonCEM consortium.


This is a full-time, three-year position (HM2017109).


Informal enquiries may be made to Prof. Christian Speck (chris.speck@imperial.ac.uk)


For more details and instructions for application, please visit: 


Job advert: Nature Website

Application link and job description at Imperial College London: IC Website


Best wishes,







Professor Christian Speck, PhD, FRSB

Chair in Genome Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Wellcome Trust Investigator


Imperial College London

Faculty of Medicine

Institute of Clinical Sciences (CRB room 3006)

Hammersmith Hospital Campus

Du Cane Road

London W12 0NN


Tel: 0044 20 8383 3387

Mobile: 0044 796 181 5557

Skype ID: dna_rep


email: christian.speck@imperial.ac.uk

website: www.specklab.com

Imperial College website: www.imperial.ac.uk/people/chris.speck


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