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[ccp4bb] Open Beamline Scientist Position at XAIRA beamline-Alba Synchrotron

Dear colleagues,

A position of Beamline Scientist for the new BL06-XAIRA microfocus Macromolecular Crystallography beamline at the Alba Synchrotron (Barcelona) is currently open. We are seeking a positive, motivated scientist, proficient in macromolecular crystallography methods, computer/programming oriented, preferably with experience in
beamline operation and/or the design of MX end station elements, and keen to join the beamline team in an exciting environment.

BL06-XAIRA beamline, which will join the existing XALOC beamline at Alba to cater the worldwide MX community, is now in the design phase and is planned to be operational late 2020. The beamline aims at producing a 4-15 keV X-ray beam with a focal spot size of ~3x1 um2 FWHM optimized to standard microfocus MX experiments  at an energy of ~12 keV, as well as to native phasing experiments at 4 keV or higher energies.

The successful candidate will be encouraged to develop his/her scientific research while making it compatible with the construction and commissioning of the beamline, as well as with the research lines in structural biology already ongoing at Alba.

Deadline for applications is 14 July 2017. To have information on the profile and to apply to the position please refer to:

Best regards,


Jordi Juanhuix

BL06-XAIRA Beamline Responsible



Carrer de la llum, 2-26 | 08290 | Cerdanyola del Vallès| Barcelona | Spain
(+34) 935924322



www.albasynchrotron.es | juanhuix@cells.es

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