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A 2/3 year Postdoc position is available in the Structural Vaccinology division of the Structural Biology Unit run by Prof. Martino Bolognesi at the Department of Biosciences (University of Milan). The hired Postdoc will carry out the recombinant production, crystallisation and 3D structure determination of protein antigens from two parasites, Schistosoma mansoni and Trypanosoma cruzi, responsible for Schistosomiasis and Chagas disease, respectively. Both pathogens are two of several pathogens that are emerging in Lombardy, one of the most affluent areas of Italy, due to an increase in immigration. The aim of the project is to develop new diagnostic tests for on-site use in hospitals and refugee centres.
In this context, 3D structures will serve as the basis for in silico epitope mapping methods to guide subsequence computer-aided epitope peptide design for immunodiagnostic development based on epitope peptide microarrays. The project is highly multi-disciplinary and involves nine partners from the Lombardy region, including academic and industrial partners and is funded by the Lombardy Council.
The candidate must have a PhD (in biochemistry or similar) and a good background in molecular biology and recombinant protein production and purification techniques. Experience in protein crystallography and immunology will be of advantage. The candidate must work well with others. Participation in group meetings, departmental seminars and attendance at international conferences and courses will be required. The candidate must be highly motivated. Good written and spoken English is essential. 

For more information please contact: Dr. Louise Gourlay (louise.gourlay@unimi.it) or Prof. Bolognesi (martino.bolognesi@unimi.it).
Position start date: negotiable (no later than 1st October).

Louise J. Gourlay (PhD)
Structural Biology Unit
Dep. Biosciences
University of Milano
Via Celoria 26
20133 Milano
Tel: + 39 (02) 50314914 


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