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[ccp4bb] RCSB PDB looking for Postdoctoral Fellows to join our multidisciplinary development team at UC San Diego

The Challenge: Develop innovative analysis, integration, query, and visualization tools for 3D biomolecular structures to help accelerate research and training in biology, medicine, and related disciplines. In these projects, we employ the latest advances in computer science to develop highly interactive features and scalable services and workflows. The overall goal is always to develop highly interactive features for the RCSB PDB website.

Two Postdoctoral Fellow positions are available: one focused on Visualization (position #1104) and Machine Learning/Biological Assemblies (position #1105). Possible project areas include:

  • Innovative representations for 3D structural data, including biological assemblies
  • Visualizations for comparative analyses
  • Multiscale rendering for exploring large structures
  • Using machine learning to build the next generation search engine for molecular biology

This is a unique opportunity to engage in leading edge research, development, and outreach activities of the RCSB PDB with worldwide impact. 

For more information, contact us at http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/static.do?p=general_information/about_pdb/contact/job_listings.html