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[ccp4bb] Postdoctoral position in time-resolved EM at the University of Leeds

Dear All,
                A BBSRC funded postdoctoral position is available to become part of an international team working on new methodologies for time resolved single particle cryo-EM allowing us to trap different conformational states of proteins and protein complexes in the µs-ms timeframe. The project will be led by the Muench group at the University of Leeds and will involve collaborations with Prof Howard White (Eastern Virginia Medical School) and Prof Martin Trebbin (Hamburg University centre for ultrafast imaging). This will bring together the world class EM facilities in the Leeds Astbury Biostructure facility, including two Titan Krios microscopes and the cutting-edge technology from the microfluidics field in Hamburg. The successful candidate will work between Leeds and Hamburg adapting the microfluidic technology developed in the Trebbin group and installing it within the current setup in Leeds. This project will build on the significant recent advances in the EM field and previous experience in developing time-resolved electron microscopy approaches to develop a novel system that can trap conformational states in the µs-ms timeframe. This would be an excellent opportunity for someone looking to pursue the latest developments in EM and someone who may wish to develop their own independent research utilizing this new technology. 

Closing Date: 23 June 2017.

For further details please contact s.p.muench@leeds.ac.uk  and/or visit the following link http://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/FBSBM1065

Best wishes,