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[ccp4bb] tenure-track academic fellowships in structural molecular biology at the University of Leeds

Hello everyone,

Please see the job advert below regarding tenure-track academic fellowships in structural molecular biology at the University of Leeds.



Dear All,


A number of tenure-track academic fellowships in Structural Molecular Biology are now available at the University of Leeds. We are particularly looking for researchers who use Cryo-EM, NMR Spectroscopy, X-ray Crystallography, Single Molecule methods (or combinations of these techniques with other approaches) to answer cutting-edge research questions? 


The full details of the call are available at:



As a University Academic Fellow in the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology, you will join the vibrant, interdisciplinary environment of the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology which brings together ~60 group leaders with expertise in structural molecular biology, cell biology, protein chemistry, chemical biology and biological physics with the common goal of understanding life in molecular detail through investigation of the structure and function of biological molecules and their complexes. 


Leeds invested more than £17 million in 2016 to establish the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory, a state of the art laboratory for structural biology providing the Astbury Centre with instruments for NMR spectroscopy (including 950 MHz with 15N/13C-detect TXO and 3mm TCI Cryo-probes) and Electron Microscopy (two Titan Krios microscopes, one with Falcon III and the other with energy-filtered Gatan K2 and VPP), competitive with the very best infrastructure for structural molecular biology in the world. In addition, the Centre houses superb facilities for protein production, protein crystallization, biological mass spectrometry and single molecule fluorescence and FRET.


You will embark on a five-year development programme, the successful completion of which will lead to your promotion to Associate Professor. In the last three years, nine University Academic Fellows have been appointed within the scientific remit of the Astbury Centre, helping to deliver on the University’s ambitious plans to grow its research. We are now looking for outstanding early career structural molecular biologists to join this growing team. We can offer an excellent mentoring scheme, research environment and track record of success in developing the careers of young researchers. Candidates wishing to bring independent fellowships, or apply for such fellowhips in Leeds, supported by the School, are also welcome to apply.


To discuss informally, please contact Neil Ranson n.a.ranson@leeds.ac.uk, or Alex Breeze a.l.breeze@leeds.ac.uk


Kind regards,


Neil Ranson