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[ccp4bb] Recruiting fragment/XChem crystallographers

Hi all -

We have vacancies at SGC (in my and Prof. Paul Brennan's groups) for crystallographers interested in driving a series of new genetically validated targets (inflammation and Alzheimers) from gene to XChem fragment screening and beyond to potency, and helping figure out how to do all of this a lot better than we currently can.

Link is here, and deadline is in two weeks (October 5th).


Prof Frank von Delft
Associate Professor
Principal Investigator: Protein Crystallography
Structural Genomics Consortium
Oxford University
+44 1865 617583 (office: W,F)

Principal Beamline Scientist: I04-1
Diamond Light Source
+44 1235 778997 (office: M,T,T)
+44 7471 026103 (mobile)

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