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[ccp4bb] Structural Biology position in St Andrews

Please see this position available for a Professor of Structural Biology at the University of St Andrews.


Structural biology in St Andrews is based in a large shared purpose-built laboratory, capable of hosting ~40 researchers. This space is currently shared with the Gloster, Schwarz-Linek, Taylor and Pliotas groups. The laboratory has great facilities for protein biochemistry (incubators, floor centrifuges), crystallisation (Gryphon crystallisation robot for dispensing nano-drops and Scorpion robot for mixing crystallisation screens), crystal visualisation (two crystallisation incubators and Minstrel robot for automated crystal imaging), and in-house crystal testing (Rigaku generator with two CCD detectors; one robotically controlled). Crystallographers have regular access to BAG synchrotron time, both at Diamond and ESRF, which is shared with users in Dundee. St Andrews provides an excellent mass spectrometry/proteomics facility for protein identification and more complex analyses. Solution state biomolecular NMR is supported by a dedicated 700 MHz instrument (Bruker Ascend, Prodigy TCI cryoprobe). Structural biology is also supported by a uniquely powerful EPR setup (X, Q, W band); St Andrews hosts the two most sensitive pulse EPR spectrometers in the UK. A new biophysics suite provides ITC (Microcal PEAQ and VP), SPR (Biacore T200), CD, and stopped-flow machines.  There are also dedicated rooms for insect and mammalian cell culture, with hoods and large incubators containing shaking platforms for protein _expression_.