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[ccp4bb] PhD position available at the ALBA synchrotron in Barcelona

Dear Colleagues

I would really appreciate if you could share the info regarding this PhD available in my lab with any potential candidates. It's a studentship involving structural biology, protein biochemistry and biophysics and microbiology to study conjugation in gram-positive bacteria.

The details on how to apply can be found here:

In this PhD, you will use a range of molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and structural techniques to understand how the production of the conjugational machinery is regulated. The goal is to provide insights into the conditions and molecular mechanisms that allow conjugation to take place. Subjects of study include the preparation of the plasmid DNA for transfer to the donor cell, the cell-to-cell communication and regulation of the production of the machinery, as well as the transcriptional regulation thereof. The succesful candidate will form part of the structural biology group of the XALOC beamline at the ALBA synchrotron. The project will be developed in collaboration with the group of Wilfried Meijer at the Molecular Biology Center in Madrid (CBM - Severo Ochoa, CSIC) and is cofunded by FEDER.

Please direct any inquiries for additional information to rboer@cells.es

Best regards,
Roeland Boer


ALBA Synchrotron

Roeland Boer
BL13-XALOC Beamline Responsible - Experiments Division
Carrer de la Llum 2-26 | 08290 | Cerdanyola del Vallès| Barcelona | Spain
(+34) 93 592 4333 | Beamline (+34) 93 592 4013
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