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[ccp4bb] postdoctoral openings

The Iverson laboratory at Vanderbilt University has several immediate openings for qualified postdoctoral associates interested in investigating broad themes underlying how proteins encode information. Positions could be associated with one of three possible projects:


1. Characterization of host-pathogen interactions and development of small molecules that block adhesion of pathogen to host. Techniques would include high throughput drug screening and crystallography.

2. Understanding and controlling GPCR signal bias as mediated by arrestin proteins. Experiments may use crystallography, computational design to develop molecules that bias signaling, and biochemistry to characterize signaling in cells.

3. Understanding the assembly and signaling functions of bioenergetic proteins. The experiments may include biochemistry, crystallography, EM, and xFEL to characterize protein complexes involved in these processes.


Qualified candidates should send a CV and cover letter summarizing their scientific interests to tina.iverson@vanderbilt.edu