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[ccp4bb] Senior Research Scientist Protein Crystallography

To add additional expertise and capacity to our drug discovery service team in Munich-Martinsried, we are immediately looking for a Senior Research Scientist, PhD in Protein Crystallography.

Protein Crystallographer

As a Senior Research Scientist, you will support our team with crystallization, data collection, processing and analysis of x-ray diffraction data and model building. You have a firm grasp of crystallographic theory to carry out or assist in the structure determination of more complex or larger quantities of structures from fragment screening campaigns, where established software fails or an individual processing through software GUIs is no longer feasible

You will be expected to assist or take over the further development and integration of our in-house LIMS and automated data processing pipeline. A firm knowledge of Linux operating systems, scripting and basic programming is indispensable, as you will likely have to interact with MySQL or Oracle servers and existing data mining routines.

As the ideal candidate, you will be highly organized and capable of handling a large number of projects including sharing and proper documentation of all your activities. You appreciate contributing to your colleague’s work, with ideas or hands-on, as well as integrating the insights of your colleagues into your own line of work. You have a problem-solving attitude and an innovative mind to help us in further developing this position as well as our company. And you enjoy communicating the results of your work to our clients all over the world, representing CRELUX as part of the WuXi AppTec family and as a global leader for structure based drug discovery solutions. 

CRELUX offers structure based drug discovery service and supports its clients from Pharma, Biotech and Research Institutes with expertise and an external work force. We are operating as a part of WuXi AppTec - one of the leading Contract Research Organizations worldwide. 

WuXi AppTec operates from over 20 research sites and employs over 14.000 people in China, the US and Europe. Within WuXi AppTec’s Research Service Division (RSD) we act as the global center of excellence in hit finding, validation and confirmation projects. As such CRELUX’s biophysical assay, screening and crystallography departments are forming a pivot service platform for all integrated drug discovery programs WuXi AppTec executes for clients.

Are you interested in becoming a CRELUX employee? 

We offer competitive salaries and a work environment that is science-based, collaborative and inspiring. The success of our company is based on a “clients first” attitude and cooperative efforts - which make excellent organizational and communication skills essential. We benefit from the diversity of our workforce and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. 

For additional information visit our website, www.crelux.com. Please send your complete application for this position as a single .pdf file to: 

Am Klopferspitz 19a
82152 Martinsried 

Dr. Michael Schaeffer
+49 89 700760-170