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[ccp4bb] Two high-performance research computing posts in Oxford University Medical Sciences

Dear All, 

Apologies that this is not directly CCP4 related, but over the years it has been an excellent medium for contacting high-performance compute specialists...

I'd like to advertise the availability two exciting and challenging new opportunities to work in research computing/high-performance computing at Oxford University within the Nuffield Department of Medicine. 

The first is a Grade 8 position to expand the current Research Computing Core team at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics (which also covers STRUBI, the Division of Structural Biology). The Core now runs a cluster of about ~3800 high-memory compute cores, a further ~700 cores outside the cluster, a (growing) smattering of GPU-enabled and KNL nodes, 4PB high-performance SpectrumScale (GPFS) storage and about 4PB of lower grade (mostly XFS) storage. The facility has an FDR InfiniBand fabric providing for access to storage at up to 20GB/s and supporting MPI workloads. We mainly support the statistical genetics work of the Centre and other departments around Oxford, the work of the sequencing and bioinformatics cores and electron microscopy, but the workload is varied and interesting! Further significant update and expansion of this facility will occur during 2017 and beyond and means that we are expanding the team. 




The second is a Grade 9 post at the newly opened Big Data Institute next door to the WTCHG - to work with me to establish a brand new Research Computing facility. The Big Data Institute Building has 32 shiny new racks ready to be filled with up to 320kW of IT load - and we won't stop there! The current plans envisage a virtualized infrastructure for secure access, a high-performance cluster supporting traditional workloads and containers, high-performance filesystem storage, a hyperconverged infrastructure supporting (OpenStack, project VMs, containers and distributed computing plaforms such as Apache Spark), a significant GPU-based artificial intelligence/deep learning platform and a large, multisite object store for managing research data in the long term. 




It is expected that the Wellcome Trust Centre and Big Data Institute facilities will develop independently for now, but in a complementary and supportive fashion given the overlap in science and technology that is likely to exist. The Research Computing support teams will therefore work extremely closely together to address the challenges facing computing in the medical sciences. 

If either (or both) of these vacancies seem interesting then please feel free to contact the Head of the Research Computing Core at the WTCHG (me) or the Director of Research Computing at the BDI (me). Deadline for the WTCHG post is 31st May and for the BDI post is 24th May. 

Please feel free to circulate this email to anyone who might be interested and apologies for any cross postings! 



Dr Robert Esnouf

University Research Lecturer,
Director of Research Computing BDI,
Head of Research Computing Core WTCHG,
NDM Research Computing Strategy Officer

Main office:
Room 10/028, Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics,
Old Road Campus, Roosevelt Drive, Oxford OX3 7BN, UK

robert@strubi.ox.ac.uk / robert@well.ox.ac.uk / robert.esnouf@bdi.ox.ac.uk

Tel:   (+44) - 1865 - 287783