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[ccp4bb] 2-Years PostDoc position at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Novara (Italy)

A 2-years fellowship founded by Fondazione Cariplo is available for a postdoc position at the Biochemistry and Structural Biology Unit of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (DSF) of University of Piemonte Orientale in Novara, Italy (http://www.dsf.uniupo.it).


The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences research activities focus on the discovery and development of new bioactive compounds and the improvement of their formulation and delivery. The Department comprises a wide range of expertise and resources including pharmacology, chemistry, bioinformatics and drug delivery technologies in a highly motivating interdisciplinary environment.


We are seeking a strongly motivated candidate with skills in biochemistry/enzymology and structural biology to carry out a research program aimed at understanding the molecular aspects of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA repair to disclose its role in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis in humans. In particular, the postdoc will work on the structural and biochemical characterization of recombinant proteins that are key players in M. tuberculosis DNA repair machineries.

For the recruitment process, we require highly motivated candidates to send a curriculum vitae and the name of one-two Referents within April 15th 2017 to:


Prof.  Menico Rizzi (Head of DSF Biochemistry/Structural Biology Unit)

Ph:  +39 0321 375712    

email: menico.rizzi@uniupo.it


Dr. Riccardo Miggiano (Referent of the scientific program)

Ph:  +39 0321 375715  

email: riccardo.miggiano@uniupo.it

Riccardo Miggiano, Ph.D.
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Piemonte Orientale
Via Bovio, 6
28100 Novara