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[ccp4bb] Postdoctoral Research Opportunities, Umeå University

Hi all,


Postdoctoral Research Opportunities in Infection Biology and Molecular Infection Medicine at Umeå University, Sweden (two projects in structural biology).


UCMR- Umeå Centre for Microbial Research, Sweden has six post-doc positions available.

For more details, see:





Note: The recruitment is a two-step process: First, the candidates must provide all relevant documents as described in the advertisement. Secondly, selected applicants will be asked to provide a two-page research plan linked to a research group.

The two proposed research projects in structural biology are:Deciphering the assembly mechanisms of bacterial fimbriae: structure, assembly and function” (http://www.chemistry.umu.se/forskning/group-leaders/karina-persson) and “Crystallographic Studies of RNA-thermosensors in bacterial pathogens” (http://www.chemistry.umu.se/forskning/group-leaders/elisabeth-sauer-eriksson). 


Interested qualified candidates are encouraged to contact one of the corresponding group leaders as soon as possible.

Contact for the bacterial fimbriae project: Karina Persson (karina.persson@umu.se)
Contact for the RNA-thermosensor project: Elisabeth Sauer-Eriksson (elisabeth.sauer-eriksson@umu.se)