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[ccp4bb] Job Posting: Director, Structural Biology and Biophysics - Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Job Description:


Director - Structural Biology and Biophysics

Job ID 1602180

Location San Diego, California, United States;




The Director of Structural Biology and Biophysics leads all activities in the Structural Biology and Biophysics group at TCAL, including Molecular Biology, Protein Chemistry, Crystallography and Biophysics.  The Director works closely with Takeda Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) leadership teams globally to maintain prioritization and alignment of the group’s efforts with global Takeda drug discovery efforts in order to insure timeliness and impactfulness of the group’s research outputs.  The Director cultivates the group’s proactive, collaborative, innovative and outward looking culture and insures that the group is employing the most current, effective and applicable technologies to achieve its research results.

For more information, and to apply, please follow this link: http://bit.ly/2ldPsgj