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[ccp4bb] postdoc fellowships available: in vitro reconstitution and cryo-EM

Dear all,
Two postdoc fellowships are available in my lab at Umeå University, Sweden. The projects aim to decipher the molecular basis of human RNA virus replication using in vitro membrane reconstitution and cryo-EM (tomography of cells and single particle analysis).

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a background in structural biology, biophysics, biochemistry or a related field. While prior knowledge of cryo-electron microscopy or in vitro reconstitution is beneficial, these are the core methods of the lab and we can thus also provide a postdoc with in situ training specific to the project. These projects may be a great opportunity for candidates with a background in X-ray crystallography who want to expand their methodological scope.

Umeå has just completed the installation of a new cryo-EM facility including a Titan Krios with a phase plate, energy filter and two direct detectors, a Scios FIB/SEM and a Talos 120. Resources for biochemistry and fluorescence microscopy are also excellent. Umeå is an outstanding environment for molecular infection biology, including the Nordic EMBL Node MIMS and the Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine.

For more information about the projects and how to apply, got to

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions!

Best wishes,

Lars-Anders Carlson, Dr. rer. nat.
Assistant Professor
Dept of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics
Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine
Umeå University