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[ccp4bb] PhD positions ITN ES-Cat

PhD positions are open in the field of structure-based protein engineering for biocatalysis, as part of a Marie Curie Innovative Training Network.

Two 4-year positions as a researcher that should lead to a PhD are open at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Part of the Marie Curie Innovative Training Network ES-Cat, aimed at directed protein evolution for synthetic biology and biocatalysis. The University of Groningen subprojects (supervised by prof Dick Janssen, Biotransformation and Biocatalysis group) focus on the incorporation of computational methods in enzyme engineering (e.g., Wijma et al. (2015) Angew Chem 127: 3797–801), and the use of protein X-ray crystallography for validation and further improvement of in-silico/experimental work flows. Enzymes under investigation are epoxide conversion enzymes and related α/β-hydrolase fold enzymes of industrial relevance.

Starting date: March-April 2017

Links with more info:   http://www.bioc.cam.ac.uk/hollfelder/Research/es-cat      http://www.rug.nl/research/biotransformation-biocatalysis

Important qualifications: MsC degree in (bio)chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, structural biology, biophysical chemistry, applied biocatalysis, or similar. Experience with structural biology, molecular modeling and simulations, enzyme isolation and characterization, biocatalytic conversions, and relevant analytical methods (GC, HPLC, MS, NMR..).

Personal traits: Organized, reliable, careful and ambitious. Independence and perseverance. Team worker, open to collaboration with other researchers. Good oral and written command of English.

For further information: contact Andy Thunnissen at a.m.w.h.thunnissen@rug.nl


Dr. A.M.W.H. Thunnissen | Protein Crystallography
Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry, GBB Institute, University of Groningen
Nijenborgh 7, 9747 AG Groningen, the Netherlands
Phone +31.50.3634380 | Fax +31.50.3634800 | E-mail a.m.w.h.thunnissen@rug.nl