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[ccp4bb] Experimental Postdoctoral Position in High Throughput Small Molecule Ligand Screening

Outstanding postdoctoral applicants are sought with the following qualifications to work with Dr. Jeffrey Skolnick in the Center for the Study of Systems Biology in the School of Biological Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology:

	• Extensive experience in enzyme kinetics studies, enzyme purification or other aspects of protein biology and enzyme activity. Experience in handling multiple protein systems would be a plus.

	• A background in high throughput small molecule ligand screening is strongly preferred.

	• Experience with or a desire to learn computational biology and molecular modeling of protein-ligand interactions.

	• The ideal candidate is someone who gets satisfaction out of methods development and working through large data sets to see broad-scale patterns.

	• A track record of publication in high quality, international journals.

	• Ability to work in a team, yet think independently.

To apply, please email your CV to: skolnick@gatech.edu