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[ccp4bb] PhD fellowships in Spain

Dear future PhD student,

For prospective PhD students there is the current fellowship call open:
This is a competitive call with good conditions (salary, mobility, complementary training), especially for Spanish standards.
If you go to “Search for a Position” and then look for our centre “Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia- CNB”, my vacancy on “Structural Biology on Bacteriophage Fibres and Tailspikes" turns up.
If you are interested, please apply. There is no need to contact me, because the application process selection committee is independent from the proposed supervisors. There are also other structural biology projects, and I think selected candidates can choose their favourite project based on the final shortlist order.
The deadline for application is 2 February, academic records, reference letters and a B2 level certificate in english need to be supplied (nationals of english-speaking countries are exempted).


Mark J van Raaij
Dpto de Estructura de Macromoleculas
Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia - CSIC
calle Darwin 3
E-28049 Madrid, Spain
tel. (+34) 91 585 4616