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[ccp4bb] Unique postdoctoral research opportunity in Tromsø, Norway

Dear all,

I would like to call your attention to a unique postdoctoral fellowship opportunity in structural chemistry at the UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø. The project area is "Crystallography, biophysical and cheminformatics studies for next-generation kinase inhibitor design".

The program is described in more detail here:


The deadline for a preliminary application (2 pages and a CV) is soon, February 3.

Promising candidates will then be invited to prepare a more detailed application for submission in autumn. If the application is successful, the position will be funded starting in 2018.

Besides hosting the Norwegian Center for Structural Biology, Tromsø is a fascinating location, with its 2-month long "Polar Night", illuminated by some midday twilight and Northern Lights, and its compensating 2-month long Midnight Sun period. (We don't lack total sunshine hours, but have only about 245 sunrises and sunsets per year, depending on the view of the horizon from where you live.) As the link above describes it, Tromsø is "uniquely located at the top of the world surrounded by some of Europe’s last pristine wild nature."

Please feel free to ask me for more details if you are interested.

Rick Engh

Professor Richard Engh
The Norwegian Center for Structural Biology
Forskningsparken 3, Sykehusvegen 23
Fakultet for naturvitenskap og teknologi
Universitetet i Tromsø
9037 Tromsø