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[ccp4bb] Two postdoc positions at SLS

Dear all,

We have two openings for motivated postdocs interested in methods development in MX.

Membrane protein serial crystallography
Your tasks
Serial crystallography (SX) has emerged as an effective method for micron-sized crystals, such as the ones from membrane proteins. To ease their handling, in meso in situ serial crystallography (IMISX) was developed for the systematic diffraction screening and rapid data collection from hundreds of micro-crystals without the need for direct crystal harvesting. You will further develop IMISX method and SX method in general, by exploiting crystallization and sample delivery methods and fast frame-rate X-ray detectors. You will also be involved in the automation of the structure determination workflow, from crystal delivery to data processing. 

Native-SAD phasing at low energies
Your tasks
The recent development of native-SAD phasing using 6 keV X-rays has made the method more accessible for real-life targets. However, many systems with low sulfur content and low diffraction resolution (> 3 ) are still out of reach. You will have a unique opportunity to further improve native-SAD phasing using lower X-ray energies (3 – 5 keV) by exploiting the latest X-ray detector – JUNGFRAU and novel sample delivery methods, and demonstrate its advantages with challenging targets like membrane proteins.

Best regards,
Vincent & Meitian


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