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[ccp4bb] Membrane Protein Production/Crystallization Research Assistant, Caffrey Lab, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Research Assistant – Membrane Protein Production/Crystallization

Membrane Structural and Functional Biology – Caffrey Lab

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Post Summary

The Membrane Structural and Functional Biology group seeks to solve the crystal structure of medically important membrane proteins for use in structure/function studies and for structure-based therapeutics development. Target proteins are involved in diabetes, obesity, cancer and pain and in communicable and other non-communicable diseases. In support of this activity, we seek a highly self-motivated, skilled and committed Research Assistant.

The Research Assistant will have primary responsibility for routine, repetitive and proven/robust molecular cloning, insect and mammalian cell maintenance, cell-based biomass production, protein purification and biochemical/biophysical characterization of membrane proteins, and for manual and robotic crystallisation extending from plate and screen preparation, to setup and evaluation, and on to archiving trial data. The Research Assistant will share responsibility for preparing common buffers stocks (for SDS-PAGE, DNA gels, protein purification and crystallization, etc.), LB liquid and solid medium/plates, cell-culture and molecular cloning, membrane washing (for protein purification), and regenerating resins. The Research Assistant will help with maintaining lab instruments, databases and inventories and with administration.

Person Specification


  • Minimally, a primary (B.S., B.Sc. for example) degree with experience in molecular cloning, recombinant protein production, purification, and functional characterization

Knowledge & Experience

  • Experience working in a wet biochemistry/molecular biology laboratory
  • Experience using computer controlled equipment
  • A high degree of manual dexterity
  • Must be detail oriented and a meticulous record keeper
  • Desire to learn about and to work with membrane proteins and membrane protein crystallization
  • Willingness and freedom to travel between Ireland and mainland Europe and the USA on short-term projects
  • High self-motivation
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve results on time and on target
  • Good analytical ability, and reasoning and organization skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Commitment to team work

Training and support will be provided by in-house staff in all of the specialty methods and protocols used.

Salary  €30,200 per annum

Closing Date  January 20, 2017

Principal Investigator  Prof. Martin Caffrey - martin.caffrey@tcd.ie

Application Procedure
Candidates are asked to submit a letter detailing education, training and laboratory experience. In the letter the candidate should outline why they feel they are suitable for the position in an interdisciplinary group that will involve extensive interaction with collaborators around the globe. The letter of application must be accompanied by a full CV to include the names and contact details of two referees (email addresses and phone numbers to be provided). At least one referee should be an individual the candidate has worked with and who has agreed to provide a letter of reference on the candidate’s behalf. 

Applications should be emailed to: Shuang Leng LENGS@tcd.ie