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[ccp4bb] Postdoctoral position in Structural Biology of Epilepsy-Related Proteins

Dear colleagues,

At the VIB Structural Biology Research Center (Vrije Universiteit Brussel / VIB), we are looking for a highly qualified and motivated postdoctoral researcher with a strong background in X-ray crystallography, biochemistry and biophysics and interested in biochemical and structural studies on proteins and protein networks involved in neuronal function and dysfunction.

Project description: Epilepsy is a very common neurological disorder for which currently available drugs are highly inefficient and unspecific. In collaboration with the group of Prof. Patrik Verstreken (VIB Center for Brain & Disease Research), we are investigating novel pathways leading to neurological disorders in general and epilepsy in particular. The current project involves the detailed functional and structural characterization of proteins and protein networks involved in these epilepsy pathways, using an approach of biochemical and biophysical methods in combination with structural biology (For background: Fischer et al Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 2016). This research, combined with in vivo studies, will contribute not only to a detailed molecular mechanism on the involved proteins, but it will also pave the way to establishing novel in vivo epilepsy models and device strategies for medical intervention.

Required skills and experience:

·     Ph.D. in structural biology

·     Experience in protein _expression_, purification and characterization

·     Experience in X-ray crystallography, biochemistry and biophysics

·     Experience with protein _expression_ in mammalian systems is an asset

·     Good communication and teamwork skills

Contact: Please send applications (including CV, research experience, and at least two names and contact information for references) to: Wim.Versees@vib-vub.be.

About SBRC: The VIB Structural Biology Research Center focuses on the structure and dynamics of macromolecular complexes in health and disease. Our multidisciplinary team of about 70 researchers is housed in new laboratory facilities and combines extensive expertise in structural biology (state of the art in-house X-ray crystallography, NMR, SAXS, cryo-EM and atomic force microscopy), biophysics, enzymology and molecular biology.

Best regards,


Prof. Dr. ir. Wim Versées
Research group Structural Biology Brussels
Faculty of Science and Bioengineering Sciences 
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

VIB Structural Biology Research Center

Building E, Room E4.2
Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussel
Email: wim.versees@vub.ac.be