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[ccp4bb] PhD position

We will use a multidisciplinary approach to develop Nanobodies against murine norovirus, including bioinformatics, X-ray crystallography, molecular biology techniques, cell culture, and an animal model. To this end we will prepare the Nanobodies for preclinical trials. 

Nanobodies are gaining a lot of interest in therapeutics and basic research tools. Nanobodies were shown to block virus attachment to cellular receptors in HIV, influenza virus, and respiratory syncytial virus. 

In this project, we will develop several high affinity Nanobodies that are able to disassemble virus particles or block attachment to cells - hence reduce or inhibit infections. By targeting regions on these particles that it is highly conserved among genetically distinct strains and most likely important for the structural integrity of the particles we expect that drug resistance is unlikely to develop, making conserved regions an ideal target for antivirals.

•	Experience in protein structural biology

•	Experience in protein expression and purification (e.g., affinity, size-exclusion, ion-exchange, etc.)

•	Biochemical/biophysical characterization techniques (e.g., Western blot, light scattering, calorimetry, DLS)

•	Participation in all stages of the structure determination process from target selection through to model interpretation

•	Demonstrated independent thought/creativity in science. 

•	Excellent collaboration, communication (oral and written) and multitasking skills

Interested applicants should send CV and statement of interest to Grant Hansman: g.hansman@dkfz.de