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[ccp4bb] Post doctoral position in hit discovery for the TPP riboswitch (Bergen, Norway)


I have an open position in my group at the University of Bergen (Norway) for hit discovery for the TPP riboswitch.

I am looking for somebody with experience in at least one of the following areas:

-    In vitro transcription of RNA
-    HTS assay development
-    X-ray crystallography of macromolecules
-    development of small molecule binding assays using SPR

Additional experience in any of the following fields will be an advantage:
-   structure-based ligand design using computational methods
-   diffraction data collection at synchrotron beamlines
-   work experience in a multidisciplinary team including medicinal chemists and biologists

More information can be found here: https://www.jobbnorge.no/ledige-stillinger/stilling/161277/postdoctoral-fellow-3-years-for-hit-discovery-for-riboswitches

You are welcome to contact me for more information but the application has to be send via jobbnorge.no.




Prof. Dr. Ruth Brenk
University of Bergen
Department of Biomedicine

+47 55586070

Visitor adress:      Mail address:
Jonas Lies vei 91    Postboks 7804
5020 Bergen          5020 Bergen
Norway               Norway



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