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[ccp4bb] Crystallography Job Openings at Pfizer, Groton, CT (USA).

To apply, please go to www.pfizer.com/careers and search for Job ID 1042136.


Jay Pandit, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

Structural and Molecular Sciences

Pfizer Inc

Eastern Point Road

Groton, CT 06340


+1 860 441 3738



Senior Scientist – Crystallography

Job ID:


Role Description

The successful candidate will join the department of Structural and Molecular Sciences (SMS), a multidisciplinary group with established expertise in molecular biology, protein biochemistry, protein mass spectrometry, enzymology, NMR, biophysics, protein crystallography and cryo-EM. Our mission is to provide integrated molecular insights into drug targets, lead compounds and and target-compound interactions to advance discovery efforts across multiple therapeutic areas, including Inflammation and Immunology, Neurosciences, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases and Rare Diseases.

As a Senior Scientist - Protein Crystallography, you will apply expert knowledge to determine the atomic structures of novel drug target proteins and protein-ligand complexes by protein crystallographic methods and extract novel and relevant structural insights to drive drug discovery efforts.  You will need to collaborate with other scientists in our multidisciplinary teams to deliver laboratory successes, and partner with scientists across Medicinal Chemistry, Biology and other platform lines to impact project decisions.  You will also use your deep knowledge in protein crystallography and other related techniques to drive the development of cutting-edge technologies and external collaborations.


• Contribute to the design and execution of protein construct design, purification, characterization and crystallization, preferably for both soluble and membrane proteins.
• Determine the atomic structures of novel drug target proteins and protein-ligand complexes using protein crystallographic methods
• Expert analysis of relevant data and literature to extract novel structural insights and drive drug discovery efforts. 
• Experimental results will be formulated computationally and will be recorded in an electronic laboratory notebook.
• Prompt and clear communication will occur with project team colleagues. External scientific publication and presentation will be encouraged when appropriate as a means of assuring optimal research standards.


• Doctoral degree or equivalent in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Physics, Chemistry or related field.
• Postdoctoral training in protein crystallography with ca. 2-5 years of industrial or related academic experience.
• Strong hands on skills in molecular biology and protein biochemistry, preferably for soluble and membrane proteins.
• Proven ability to design innovative gene-to-structure experiments, solve novel protein structures and reveal new molecular insights with publications in top journals.
• Broad knowledge in protein characterization, biophysics, computational chemistry and medicinal chemistry will be helpful to facilitate problem-solving.
• Proven scientific influence via strong interpersonal and communication skills; passionate about using structural data to influence key scientific decisions. Has the skill and drive to grow into a thought leader.