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[ccp4bb] Postdoctoral position in membrane protein structural biology

Labex Epigenmed Postdoctoral Scientist -Membrane Protein Structural Biology- Montpellier, France 

A two years post-doctoral position, funded by the Labex Epigenmed (https://www.epigenmed.fr/index.php/accueil/labex-overview), is available in the Granier lab at the “Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle” (UMR 5203 CNRS, U1191 INSERM, Montpellier University,http://www.igf.cnrs.fr/granier/?page_id=57&lang=en).

The position will be opened, from January 1st 2017, to study the structural pharmacology of a viral G-protein coupled receptor (vGPCR) involved in tumorigenesis. The work will involve protein biochemistry, biophysics and x-ray crystallography. The aim is to understand the vGPCR signal transduction mechanisms at the molecular level to enable the rational design of vGPCR-targeted antiviral drugs.

Candidates should have a strong background in protein biochemistry with the ability to characterize protein _expression_ and purification from a large variety of systems. Candidates should also have a solid knowledge of structural biology methods (crystallography, electron microscopy, NMR or any combination thereof), as well as an excellent publication record for his/her career stage.

For more informations and to apply please contact Dr Sébastien GRANIER and Dr Cédric Leyrat

sebastien.granier@igf.cnrs.fr ; cedric.leyrat@igf.cnrs.fr

Interested candidates should forward a Curriculum Vitae (CV in english), and two or three letters of reference or e-mail contacts.