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[ccp4bb] Scientist Biacore SPR

Posted on behalf of Carole Meyer at NovAliX

Job offer

Position: Scientist Biacore SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) (M/F)

Type of contract: Temporary contract (12 months) - Starting date: November 2016

Employer: NovAliX is a company specialized in outsourced research & development (medicinal

chemistry, protein x-ray crystallography, biophysics analysis). NovAliX offers a complete

range of services in the field of small molecules early drug discovery. The company has a

team of 90 scientists, its headquarters in Strasbourg-Illkirch (France) and staff in France,

Spain and Belgium.

Location: Illkirch, France

Job description: Responsibilities of this role include:

- Ensure the good execution of the SPR Biacore projects.

- Design of assays & execute Biosensor experiments, such as compound screening, hit

confirmation, determination of interactions affinity and kinetic analyses thereof

using biosensor equipment such as Biacore T200.

- SPR data analysis and interpretation, troubleshooting.

- Reviewing, evaluating and communicating experience findings to the customer.

- Reporting of results in a written format.

- Communicate regularly internally and with clients.

- Training lab staff when required.

Profile: We are looking for a dynamic and passionate scientist expert in Biacore SPR to join our

Screening and Interaction Unit.

Major requirements:

- PhD in biophysics.

- At least 2 years of relevant experience in the SPR field with a proven track record of

biological molecules characterization/analysis using SPR .

- Good practice of Biacore instruments in particular, and know-how in method

development using such instruments.

- Autonomous in conducting experiments, interpreting numerical data and drawing


- Excellent written and verbal communication skills coupled with the ability to

prioritize multiple tasks and have the confidence to challenge existing systems &


Please send your application in English or French (CV, research work, references) by email to:


NovAliX, BioParc, Boulevard Sébastien Brant, BP30170, F-67405 Illkirch CEDEX

Tel : +33 (0) 368 330 200 - Fax : +33 (0) 368 330 201 - Email : info@novalix-pharma.com